Research and Internship Opportunities

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The Center for Health Sciences Advising maintains a list of research and internship opportunities available to undergraduate students.

The Center for Social Concerns offers both domestic and international summer service-learning opportunities in healthcare. 

Senior Thesis

Students are encouraged to conduct original research through either a senior thesis or capstone project. Funding support is available from the following resources:

CUSE Undergraduate Research Grants

CUSE can help students develop and find funding for many different kinds of research to help make the most of their Notre Dame experience and expand the intellectual life at the University.

Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (ISLA-UROP) Grants

UROP grants give students the opportunity to design all aspects of their projects, from identifying a research topic or creative goal to developing a persuasive narrative, reasonable timetable, and appropriate budget. Each student is guided through this process by a faculty member of their choosing. These programs offer a variety of academic year and summer funding opportunities. Some grants focus on supporting scholarship on particular themes and topics, while others are dedicated to supporting general scholarly and creative endeavors. 

Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grants

The Kellogg and Kroc Institutes offer summer research grants for undergraduate students at Notre Dame. The grants are intended for juniors whose interests include a clear international dimension related to the Kellogg Institute's themes or the themes of the Kroc Institute. Grants up to $5,000 each will be awarded for research abroad or, if demonstrably appropriate, in the United States. 

You are encouraged to speak with your advisors to identify other sources of funding and support that may apply to your individual projects as well. 

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Other Opportunities

Medicine and the Liberal Arts

Housed within the Reilly Center, the Medicine and the Liberal Arts program offers programming connecting the humanities with medicine. Informed by our Catholic mission, we believe that the very best medical professionals should be as well trained in empathy, in ethics, and in the social and historical background of medicine as they are in the science. The Medicine and the Liberal Arts program includes lectures, conferences, classes, and professionalization opportunities—including summer fellowships, mentorship opportunities, and support for research positions, lab placements, and relevant internships for Arts and Letters pre-health majors.

Study Abroad - Puebla, Mexico

The Fall Semester program in Puebla is designed for pre-health students to take their passion for medicine to a higher level. Students in this program engage in a 3-credit hospital rotation program, where clinical shadowing takes place in groups, and important lessons about cross-cultural medical understanding are taught. Students see the daily practice of physicians in both the public and private sector, and engage in numerous trips around Mexico to learn more about traditional medicine practices in the country. 

Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine

The Ruth M. Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine seeks to advance the scientific theory and practice of compassionate care in medicine and promote effective communication skills in physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals at every level of training and practice. It provides courses in the science of compassion in medicine, medical counseling skills, spiritualities of caring in medicine, the Pathos Project, and an introduction to hospice and palliative care.