Gold Mass and Lecture: "God, Angels, and Electromagnetic Radiation: Life Among the Invisible"


Location: Basilica of the Sacred Heart

1200x800 Stacy Trasancos

1200x800 Stacy Trasancos

Annual Gold Mass and Lecture for Scientists and Engineers (but all are welcome)

5:15 pm Gold Mass for Scientists and Engineers

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

6:15 pm Reception (light refreshments)

Jordan Hall of Science Galleria

7:15 pm Edison Lecture: Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D.

105 Jordan Hall of Science


God, Angels, and Electromagnetic Radiation: Life Among the Invisible

In the minds of believers, reality is made of both the material world we interact with through our senses, and the spiritual realm we engage with our souls. Stacy Trasancos will describe the wonder modern science offers to our minds, and the ways our knowledge of the atomic realm can bring us close to God when we study his handiwork. All we have learned — and have yet to learn — is magnificent evidence of the faithfulness of a loving and personal Creator.  

Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D., worked as a senior research chemist for DuPont before converting to Catholicism. She is a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute and has published five books on the integration of science and theology. In addition, she teaches online science and theology courses for Seton Hall University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary. 



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